Together Lets Fly like Phoenix

SVSCE Mobile Application

Finally , Here's the awaited ! Ever felt you are not updated of what is going around our campus ? No worries friends :) Introducing the mobile app with promising features you might wonder.

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We just did it !!! Inventory/Stock Management System delivers a perfect solution for managing stocks, features embedded are
* Ordering of products
*Balance information
*Bill Generation and much more.


"Howl like a Wolf Fly like Phoenix" The IOT and Hardware Development wing has already started working towards on this drone .


Let's Interact is another webApplication under progress by SDC web development team with the theme of establishing communication around the campus, We also deserve your patience for the completion of the project, Cool things are worth to be waited ;)


Set the track on fire, throttle up the bars ,Let's go!!! DirtCross is the first time ever bike race event organized by SVS college of engineering
What's special about it?
*first ever mobile app developed by us for getting live updates like scores and other information *live stream at facebook *satisfactory testimonials by participants

SDC webApp

Like what you are seeing ? Thank you , SDC website itself an another amazing from the Webdevelopment teams .
"Its not all that we could,but its just something we made..." join us to make awesomeness!!!