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Creating the next generation Developers . Designers .Doers.

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who we are

'We are a team of experts  No...we are learners, other than learning we teach sometimes .But most of the time we would like to put ourselves in exploring the deep ocean of technology ! keep questioning and play with we are officially known as SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TEAM exclusively for SVSians.With a lots of ideas and inspiration within us,Sounds good? that's cool!!! keep on scrolling to get started with us.

Introducing... Software Development Center

Let's get started... FIND WHERE YOU FIT

Mobile Application Development Wing

So building mobile application is all your dream ? Awesome!!! The mobile application development wing already started their dream projects working on building the mobile apps for android and ios.Dont worry!!! its never too late, join the mobile application development team . In a nuttershell CUSTOMIZATION IS A KEY for our SUCCESS.

Web Application development wing

Freelancer,web developer,full stack web developer, UI/UX designer or maybe web maker! does these words fascinates you? you're fit to be a web developer!!! then welcome to the SDC web Application development wing.

Digital Marketing and Analytics wing

Ever wondered how Google can capture your mind ? there's nothing to do with your mind! its all about KEYWORDS..interested in knowing about google adwords,keyword search,keyword planner, SEO,email Marketing,social media marketing and so on?THIS WING IS FOR YOU!!!

Start building your own Empire

Influenzed by great entrepreneurs,startup communities?Yes we are too,lets try to find the entrepreneur in you!We have a Team of Startup India Certified Professionals to guide the Startup Aspirants to take their Startups to the Next Level.

IOT and Hardware wing

Much interested in Hardware?dont know where to screw it, we may have a solution.we are much excited by the words IOT,Augumented reality,virtual reality,semi artificial intelligence and have lots to share with you,why not join us?

Personality Speaks...

"If Wealth is lost Nothing is lost , If Health is lost Something is lost , But if Character is lost Everything is Lost " If you rely in the same thought join the personality development wing to etiquette your soft skills and personality with the certified people.

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These cool things are done here

With a heart full of gratitude ,we would like to thank our campus, Management and people behind us for giving us their abled support.


" An ounce of practice is worth more than a tonne of preaching " Over the past few months our Team started working in various projects on our own which we put into a realtime Application. Here are the stars that we have counted.

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SVSCE Mobile App

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Interact For Campus

Stock Management

DirtCross 2k18

SDC Center Drone

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